I have converted.

I once hated beets; their scent and flavor held no special place in my heart, and their color just stained my hands and countertops. Lately, I've found myself trying new vegetables because the CSA (community-supported agriculture) box which we get every week always has something a little different in it.  Purple carrots, rainbow chard, a bunch of weird turnips, and unidentifiable root vegetables have all made appearances, and recently, a bunch of beets. My roommate boiled and peeled them, and tossed chunks in god olive oil, salt, and pepper. He asked me to try them, and I was enthralled with their dark sweetness and the musky, earthy flavor and scent.

Last night I made a beet rosti from Mark Bittman's "How To Cook Everything;" essentially, it's a beet latke with rosemary. The sugars in the beets caramelize during the cooking to create a sweet crust, and the interior is creamy with herbs and salt, all playing off the depth of the earthiness.

I craved more beets this morning, and made an early trip to the grocery store to buy some.  The result: a breakfast hash that was sweet, savory, creamy and crisp, all topped with a pair of poached eggs. I got a picture while it was cooking, but ate it up too fast to get a nice shot of the finished product. The yolk from the eggs makes a delicious sauce for the hash, and everything is a great color - purple beets, red potatoes, green rosemary, and white onions edged with pink, all making a sunset orange with the yolks.

Beets will definitely be making more appearances in my kitchen.

Adding the rosemary. 

Red Flannel Hash

4 strips thick-cut bacon (you could whatever breakfast meat you like, I prefer bacon for its awesomeness)
1 large beet, chopped
2 large potatoes, chopped
1 onion, chopped
1-2 sprigs fresh rosemary, chopped
S + P

1. Render bacon on medium-low heat until slightly crisp. Drain on paper towels, chop, and set aside. Reserve some rendered fat.
2. Fry beets and potatoes on medium heat in reserved bacon fat. Add S+P.  Add rosemary after five minutes.
3. Cook until potatoes are almost soft,  add onions and chopped bacon.
4. Cook until onions, potatoes, and beets are done to desired degree. Serve topped with poached eggs.